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I realize everything is starting to really ramp up now. The holidays are on our doorstep and you have many important things to do.

But I'm here to help you start preserving those memories. I'm keeping it super simple for now so that you aren't adding to the overwhelm.

If you can go download 1 Second Everyday onto your phone that's great. But honestly, you don't even have to do that! Just start recording a quick little video clip of something you're doing or seeing each day. I suggest about 3-7 seconds long so you have a little bit to work with once you import it into the app. As long as you're getting those clips, they can be added to the app at any time.

Pro tip: if you want your finished movie to look especially awesome, take your videos with your phone held horizontally.

I like to take a few short minutes in the evening to update my 1 Second Everyday. But just between you and me...I have been known to neglect the app for months! Gah! But guess what? When...

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