Snow and Thankfulness

Nov 28, 2019

It's snowing today and that's just perfect. There's nothing quite like the calm of those beautiful white snowflakes landing and stacking ever so gently. Sounds feel calmer and as I sit here and take it all in, I'm also reminded of the contrast that is to start happening soon.

It's Thanksgiving Day and it will be full of families traveling, putting meals together, having kids dressed and ready to go to grandma's. It's a busy day.

It can also be very stressful. Coming together with the family we love so much, but can also drive us crazy. The stress of knowing that come tomorrow we're headed full bore into the Christmas season.

It seems to be so much every year, but at the same time it's also so magical.

It's magical to watch our kiddos and the excitement and anticipation of Christmas they express. It's magical to see all the Christmas lights and hear the music that takes us back to our own Christmas's growing up.

As we're giving thanks today for all our many blessings take a moment and think of snow.

The calm, the beauty and the magic. Let that calm permeate throughout the Christmas season to help give us the space we need to be able to really appreciate the things we love about this season. Especially the memories we're making with our family.

Here's the heart of the matter:

We need some internal space in order to be able to really appreciate the events and people we love. Think of snow. Let that calm and quiet help to give us the moments of peacefulness we need as we head into the crazy of our lives. 

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